#32 Plain Jane

Plain Jane


Top | [MotiAme] Sheer Blouse @Kustom9
Bottoms | ‘ Outer Limits ‘ Ripped Jeans
Shoes | CandyDoll – Granny Banana Flats @Kustom9

Hair | *Milk* IGGY. @My Attic (comes with hairbase, but I added a ILLMATIC’s baby hair hairbase)
Lipstick | {Dead Apples} Cherry Gloss
Necklace | Foil – Gilded Feather Necklace
Bracelet | L U X E – Wooden Cuff Oro @Kustom9
Bag | .Tokame. Vox Bag @The Chapter Four

Pose #1 | Posetivity – Nina Pose Pack
Pose #2 | Posetivity – Model Pose Pack

Landmarks | MotiAme | Outer Limits | CandyDoll | *Milk* | Dead Apples | Foil | L U X E& Posetivity | Tokame | Kustom9 | My Attic | The Chaper Four



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